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Shamanic Healing Services


What to Expect

During a shamanic journey, shamanic practitioners travel to the upper and lower worlds seeking healing, guidance and wisdom about this current world.  We journey with the help of spirit guides on behalf of someone.  We set our intentions.  Information is received through visual, auditory and sensorial communication.  Ken Glowacki connects with his helping spirits to facilitate healing and to gain insight into your questions.  It is his spirit helpers that give the direction of the healing and communication.  Different healing possibilities arise and a session can include any of the following.

Shamanic Services

  • Power Animal Retrieval -

Everyone has spirit helpers who are fully compassionate and ready to help you.

  • Extraction Work - 

Extracting negative energies and effects can greatly enhance your daily life.  These spirit based energies may be causing serious conditions in one's life.

  • Soul Retrieval -

Soul portions leave us through traumatic events.  We don't have access to them.  Soul retrieval can bring back these portions to help you live more fully.

  • Psychopomp Work - 

Those who have passed may be still present and affect us in various ways.  They can be invited to fully transition back home.

  • Divination - 

What is the wisdom that we can seek in all things, in nature?  We can ask for this wisdom.

  • Home and Land Clearing -

Just as the body has its landscape and energies which affect us, so too do our environments.  These may need some tending. 


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Ken Głowacki

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